The Law Firm focuses on the following areas of law with the premise not only to solve the case under study but also adding value to the customer in different ways. For example, with the negotiation of contracts and businesses, the prevention of future conflicts and the formation of legal strategies.

  • Commercial LawCommercial Law
  • Corporate LawCorporate Law
  • Employment LawEmployment Law
  • Restructuring, Insolvency and BankruptcyRestructuring, Insolvency and
  • International  TradeInternational Trade
  • Maritime LawMaritime Law
  • InsuranceInsurance
  • Litigation and Arbitration, domestic and internationalLitigation and Arbitration, domestic and international


Juan Patricio Lara


Founding Partner


  • LAWYER - National University of Rosario. Law School, Argentina.
  • SPECIALIST - Posgraduate Specialization in Business Law. National University of Rosario. Law School, Argentina.
  • FIRST - First Certificate in English. Cambridge University, England.
  • ILEC - International Legal English Certificate. Cambridge University, England.
  • HSK III - Chinese Language Level Exam. 3rd grade. Hanban. Headquarters of the Confucius Institute, China.
  • CHINESE - Chinese Language Certificate Course 6 years approved. National University of Rosario. Foreign Language Courses for the Community, Argentina.


La ciudad y la región
The city
and the region

The JPL Law Firm is located in the city of Rosario, province of Santa Fe, country of Argentina. Located three hundred kilometers from the city of Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina.

Rosario is surrounded by extensive areas of fields destined for agriculture (soybeans, sunflower, corn and wheat), livestock (cows and pigs) and related industries (vegetable oils, flour, dairy products and agricultural machines).

La actividad económica
The economic

Rosario is on the banks of the Paraná River (the second longest river in South America that connects Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil) and together with the cities that surround it, it is the most important export center of grains and by-products in the whole country.

From the ports of this region, ships loaded with soybeans, flour and oils set sail to China and the rest of the world. Consequently, the JPL Law Firm is located in a strategic city for those companies and foreign capital that want to invest or trade their products related to the agricultural and food industry in Argentina.

El estudio JPL
The Law Firm

The JPL Law Firm provides all the necessary legal advice for such purposes, such as: incorporation of companies, drafting and review of contracts and documents, legal advice on mergers and acquisitions of companies, representation in negotiations, legal due diligence, legal analysis of projects, among other things.

In addition, the JPL Law Firm has legal correspondents in the city of Buenos Aires and is linked to studies of other useful professions for the investor (eg: accounting, tax and agronomist).

Su socio fundador
Its founding

Juan Patricio Lara, lawyer, speaks Spanish, English and Mandarin Chinese, essential to maintain direct and personal contact with foreign clients and, with this, promote mutual knowledge and the building of a relationship of trust.



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